Thüringer Wald: hier entdecken Sie Thüringen

The museum as a learning space

Offers for primary school, regular school and grammar school

For schools, the museum in Paulinzella offers age-appropriate, activity-oriented guided tours based on the curriculum and, in cooperation with ThüringenForst, also project days (see Environmental Education and Forest Education).

The exhibition is aimed at primary school, regular school and grammar school pupils. The diverse themes of the exhibition open up numerous links to the Thuringian curriculum. The educational offers relate to the subjects:

  • Local history and geography
  • Arts
  • History

Paulinzella Monastery, an extracurricular place of learning, offers opportunities for vivid, action-oriented and explorative learning. The following topics are addressed:

  • Monastic life
  • Romanesque architecture
  • Building organisation
  • Monastery and hunting lodge after the Reformation
  • Herb garden

The aim of the educational offers is to enable pupils to use the monastery grounds as a place of learning and experience to acquire information on their own, to train their powers of observation and to promote their aesthetic knowledge and skills through active creative engagement. They enable teachers and pupils to learn about the history of the monastery and the hunting lodge of Paulinzella through encounters with original objects and to gain an insight into their significance for the formation of today's region.

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