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Special exhibitions are a good and important way of making museum objects, most of which are otherwise unseen, accessible to the public. Exhibitions are generally preceded by lengthy research work, as well as, for example, restorations to make objects suitable for exhibition.

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2022 | A bird's view

Tierisch was los im Kloster | 23 March to 31 October 2022

Exhibition in the ThüringenForst office building in Paulinzella

Surrounded by rich woodland, the ruins of the Paulinzella monastery church, one of the most important Romanesque sacred buildings in Germany, are enthroned in a true natural idyll – where Rottenbach and Bärenbach join, the walls of the time-honoured complex radiate peace and devotion, telling an eventful story from long ago. On closer inspection, however, there is movement in the cracks and crevices of the ruins, for every year kestrels raise their young high up, well protected in the stone of the former monastery. This is not an unusual nesting place for the elegant flyer, which is not called the »church falcon« for nothing. The special exhibition in the Official House provides insights into the course of a falcon's year and gives exciting facts about the biology of the species. The view of the falcons from their bird's-eye view also offers diverse insights into the nature of the surroundings – because from high above, many other animals can be discovered that find a rich habitat in and around the monastery ruins.