Thüringer Wald: hier entdecken Sie Thüringen

The Monk's Fountain in the Pech Valley

a cultural monument near Paulinzella

The Monk's Fountain is included in the list of monuments of the Saalfeld-Rudolstadt district. It is mentioned and briefly described in some regional history literature. Unfortunately, comprehensive historical sources are lacking. The monks of the monastery are said to have preferred the water of the Monk's Fountain, which filled its stone trough after a short run, because of its good taste. The trough was also used as a baptismal font.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the Monk's Fountain was partially destroyed by vandalism and since then it has led a sad existence. A footpath was no longer maintained. The signposting was no longer there. The water supply to the fountain was leaking and boggy patches were forming around the fountain. What was once an inviting idyllic woodland spot had turned into a gloomy, damp area with a ruined monument.

The first idea for the restoration of the Monk's Fountain and the signposting of a hiking trail to Paulinzella, 1.4 km away, first matured in 2017. All consultations with the district, the supreme monument authority and the responsible area archaeologist were obtained by summer 2019. In autumn 2019, the crucial supply line of a barrel area to the well site was relocated. A regional stonemason secured the historic Monk's Fountain and prepared a restoration exposé. Subsequently, a »new« monk's well was crafted solidly from approx. 1.8 tons of massive sandstone. The model for this was the time-honoured remnant. The Paulinzella-based Bärenbachverein (Bear Creek Association), in coordination with the district trail warden, undertook new signposting. The path itself was redesigned by forestry trainees from the neighbouring Gehren Forestry Office as a landscape conservation project.


The consecration of the Monk's Fountain at the old location is planned for the calendar year 2022. The fountain site itself is to be integrated into the environmental education programme for primary school children that has been running in Paulinzella for over 10 years. The »Bachgeflüster« (stream whispering) programme is currently being developed. The cleaned, original Monk's Fountain is to be given a roofed »retirement home« in a planned lapidarium at the monastery ruins.