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The Zinsboden at Paulinzella Monastery

A Romanesque abbot's house becomes a storage building

Apart from the church ruins, the Zinsboden is the only preserved Romanesque monastery building in Paulinzella. The building stands free near the Rottenbach stream and has a floor area of about 20 metres long and nine metres wide. Two storeys are solidly masoned, with ashlars of red sandstone being used. In more recent times, a half-timbered storey and an attic storey with two former dump floor levels were added on top.
The construction of the interest floor coincides with the building of the monastery church and dates to the first quarter of the 12th century. According to the available findings, it was probably the first abbot's house of the monastery. However, the building was likely no longer used as a residential building at the time of the dissolution of the monastery.

In the 16th century, the interest floor was converted into a storage building. The half-timbered upper storey was built up at this time, and medieval rafters were reused. The building was given a new use as a granary with four chute levels on the first and second floors and in the attic and a malt vault on the ground floor.oss.