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In 1994, the Thuringian Palaces and Gardens Foundation was established and given the task of caring for the monuments of Thuringia that had been brought into the foundation and making them accessible to the public. Since then, 31 castles, palaces, parks and monasteries have been in the care of the foundation, whose headquarters are at Heidecksburg Palace in Rudolstadt.

ou can find out more on the Foundation's website.

More than a third of Thuringia's land area is covered with forest. The conservation and development of this unique cultural landscape is the focus of ThüringenForst's activities. Forest knowledge is the basis of the work.

ThüringenForst cooperates with the Thuringian State Museum Heidecksburg, especially at the Paulinzella site. The Saalfeld-Rudolstadt Forestry Office is based in the Official House next to the monastery ruins, with space provided here for annual special exhibitions. The museum and forestry exhibitions can be visited with a combined ticket. Joint projects are also realised.

Thuringia's treasury owes its wealth to the state-wide network of princely residences, which were nowhere closer together than here. Their competition for architecture, art, culture and science produced magnificent buildings and diverse collections that are still preserved today - the heritage of Thuringia's courtly culture. Discover impressive palace architecture, garden art and historically grown princely collections in Thuringia's Treasury.

The Museum of Monastic, Forestry and Hunting History is part of the museum network of the Thuringian State Museum Heidecksburg. You can find out more about the individual houses and collections on the overview of the complete network.

Freundeskreis Heidecksburg e.V. (Friends of Heidecksburg), with its seat in Heidecksburg Palace and its approximately 120 members from all regions of Germany, sees itself as a sponsor of the Thuringian State Museum Heidecksburg in accordance with its statutes and has provided sustained support for the museum's work since its foundation in June 1991. As a result of this extensive support, many restoration works, purchases of art objects and the publication series on the Schwarzburg art and cultural history could be realised.

If you are interested in becoming a member, we would be very pleased! The annual membership fee, with which you can directly support the work of the museum, is 50 €.

Here you will find all the necessary documents for joining:

Freundeskreis Heidecksburg e.V.
Schloßbezirk 1 | 07407 Rudolstadt

You would like to support the work of the museum without membership? A donation to the Freundeskreis Heidecksburg e.V. is also possible!

IBAN: DE49 8305 0303 0000 0534 22

In unserem Museumshop im Jagdschloss Paulinzella lädt unser Kaffeeangebot zum Verweilen ein. Unsere kleinen Besucher:innen können unterdessen nicht nur das Gelände und den Spielplatz draußen erkunden, sondern auch mit freundlicher Unterstützung von kostenlose Ausmalbilder zu kleinen Kunstwerken formen!